Welcome to Needleswift, a small but perfectly formed corner of the internet devoted to one woman’s passion for sewing.

I’m Jenny, and I am many things: loving wife, devoted mother, keen cyclist, home-baker and coffee drinker. But I also love to sew, craft, create and share. If you’d like to see what I’ve been sewing recently you can visit my blog.

I’ve been sewing for nearly 20 years, but over the last two years I’ve discovered a new love of teaching others to sew. It started with my own children, who wanted to learn these skills. Then I started ‘Stitch Club‘ at a local school because their friends wanted to learn to sew.

As I saw these young stitchers developing the skills of patience and precision in a social and creative environment, I realised what a joy it is to be able to pass on my love of sewing.

Now, somewhere in between the cycling, baking, mothering, and ‘selfish’ sewing, I’m teaching other people to sew. You may be a complete novice, an improver, or somebody looking for sewing companions and a little guidance. You don’t need to own a sewing machine, or have any experience. Click here and dive right in.

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