Beginners Dressmaking Course: £165


Course Dates:

Week 1, Thursday 18th October: 10-12

Week 2, Thursday 1st November: 10-3

Week 3, Thursday 8th November: 10-3

Week 4, Thursday 15th November 10-3


This course is aimed at those of you who have some sewing experience, and would like to tackle a dressmaking project. You don’t need to have extensive experience, but you should be confident using a sewing machine; the project you choose can be quite simple if you have less experience. Equally, you may have tackled a very simple project on your own, but would like some ‘hand-holding’ on a trickier project.

The course is limited to just 3 students, to allow enough working space for everyone, so you will get a great deal more one-to-one assistance than your average group sewing class!

When we meet for the first time on 18th October, we will plan our projects. Consider this one a coffee date! Bring some ideas or pictures of the type of garment you’d like to make. Bring a pattern if you have one already; you can even bring fabrics for advice, or a favourite garment you’d like to recreate (we won’t draft patterns but maybe I can suggest something similar). It’s a great opportunity to ask for advice, and sound out some ideas around the table. I have a large number of patterns which you can browse through, and samples of fabric to give you an idea of how they feel and drape.

After this session, you will then have 2 weeks to buy your supplies (I will be available by email for advice), before returning on 1st November to get sewing! Week two will be all about measuring, cutting patterns, and getting started on sewing your rough-and-ready test garment, which is usually known as a toile or a muslin. I will provide calico fabric for this stage. We will be able to make simple adjustments to patterns if needed (to obtain a good fit), but please note that we may not have time for very complex fitting, which can be a long process.

Weeks 3 and 4 will be finishing off the toile if necessary, and then sewing the real thing!

By the end of the course you should feel confident understanding sewing patterns, taking your measurements, and sewing a garment.

If you have any questions just ask:

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