An introduction to using sewing patterns for dressmaking: £35

Thursday 2nd February: 10am-1pm

If you’re interested in trying your hand at dressmaking, you might feel a bit daunted by printed sewing patterns. Nested, dotted and dashed lines? What are notches? Where’s the grainline? What are darts? What size should I make?

In this three hour session we will take a close-up look at paper and pdf dressmaking patterns. We will cover how to measure yourself and the pattern, talk about simple fitting adjustments, pattern layout, and the benefits of making a ‘toile’ (a mock-up sewn in calico or similar). You will learn how to cut the pattern and the fabric, and how to transfer the markings. If time allows, you can try your hand at transferring dart markings to fabric and sewing a dart (simple calico provided).

Please note that this is not a practical sewing class, but a discussion and demonstration. You will go away feeling confident about choosing and buying patterns, selecting fabric and generally getting started with your dressmaking. If you have attended this session you may like to sign up, and bring a dressmaking project along to a Social Sewing session.


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