#MMM16 and some Spring sewing

Although I’m a sewist of many years, you could say I’ve been indulging in this obsession in a quiet little corner of my own. I have relatively recently discovered the vast and inspirational on-line sewing community and right now I can’t get enough of indie-patterns, fabric shopping, and keeping up with other sewists’ makes on Instagram. I’ve enjoyed taking part in a couple of photo challenges on Instagram, such as #miymarch16 where participants were challenged to post photos with daily sewing-related themes.

Now I hereby declare, that I have made my pledge to take part in So,Zo’s Me-Made-May ’16 challenge. If you’re not familiar with this hop over to Zoe’s blog to read all about it (click on the #MMM16 badge on the right).

We’re all taking control of our own challenges, and the idea is not to sew yourself silly making your summer wardrobe (unless you really want to!), but to use the month of May to focus on your sewing and identify your own personal challenge that will make you stretch your skills, share your achievements or simply embrace the handmade love in your wardobe. Many people have pledged to wear self-made clothing every day in May – I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s outfits popping up on social media!

I’m already on a personal mission not to buy any ready-to-wear clothing, and more often than not on any given day I will be wearing something I’ve made myself. So my own pledge for MMM16 is to focus on the gaps in my wardrobe and make (or plan to make – no pressure remember?!) some basic tees and vests, for example. I’d really like to nail a great woven tee pattern so that I have more ‘go-to’ quick and simple sews that I know won’t fail.

Over the last couple of weeks I have tried out the Scout Tee by Grainline Studio and the top version of the Colette Patterns Laurel. Neither are worthy of a dedicated blog post, nor extensive photography, but here they are in their insta-snapshot glory!

I’m not keen on the unfitted shape of the Scout on me, but I did use a crispy quilting-type cotton so I think it might be ok if I size down and use a more lightweight fabric. I prefer the more fitted shape of the Laurel – bust darts and back darts but it still pulls on easily with no fastening! It would be perfect, but there is something odd going on with the sleeves. The sleeve head looks quite tall on paper, and sure enough made up it feels restrictive. Also, there is so much ease that I struggled to set in the sleeve without any gathers (ok, there might actually be some!).

I’m thinking drafting a hybrid using the Laurel bodice, with armscyes adapted to take the Scout sleeve. I’d also like to adapt my own t-shirt pattern to a vest as you can never have too many of these in the Summer.

Another easy Spring shape that I sewed recently is this self-drafted striped sweatshirt tunic. A really easy and relatively fast make – totally perfect with leggings in changeable weather.

self drafted tunic

I have a LOT of sewing plans buzzing around in my head at the moment. I’m accumulating new fabric faster than I can sew (oops!) and hope to use #MMM16 to focus a little more, maybe even making some sketches with fabric swatches. My mantra for the month will be ‘no pressure’ but at the same time I’m desperate to do some serious sewing, especially as my wonderful husband just treated me to a new sewing machine…

new sewing machine



4 thoughts on “#MMM16 and some Spring sewing

  1. Oh yes – the vast and inspirational online sewing community. I love it. Thank you all you wonderful bloggers and special mention to YouTube. I returned to sewing after many years when I retired 4 years ago and I have been inspired, awed and educated. I have spent too much time browsing (I’ll just have a little peep at this link before I get the dinner on ..,…. ) but have recently managed to rein myself in and concentrate, and I’ve actually managed to complete a lined dress, resplendent with concealed zip and kick pleat, that actually fits and I will wear!!!! My husband is most impressed. This month I intend to tackle the Agnes top from Tilly and the Buttons, (and maybe a skirt to go with it) for a day out at the seaside we have planned for the end of the month, and I’m making a Victorian outfit for my youngest granddaughter’s school trip, plus one for her friend. My other aim is to get another granddaughter to show me how to use Instagram!

    I’m envious of your new sewing machine, I might have to start dropping hints.


    1. Congratulations on your return to sewing! Several years ago I had a period where I didn’t sew very much and when I got back into dressmaking I spent forever browsing patterns before actually buying a few! It sounds like you are well on your way now – good luck with your next projects!


  2. Ahh, a new sewing machine; that’s always nice! I’ve got a few projects that have hit some roadblocks so I’m bringing in “professional” (aka friend who teaches sewing) help. I’m a competent sewist but sometimes I need both another set of eyes and encouragement! Thinking about making the Hemlock tee from Grainline this month as well. Have you made that one?


    1. It’s good that you’ve got some professional assistance available – none of my friends sew, which is why I love Instagram and sewing blogs so much now! No I haven’t made the Hemlock tee. There are so many tee patters out there that I find it a bit overwhelming, and sort of decided I didn’t want to spend valuable pattern funds on t-shirt patterns! I have drafted my own, which I’ve made twice now and I’m pretty happy with it. I’m not sure I’ll know what constitutes the perfect tee until I put it on!


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